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Type of Ink :
Water base ink, with corrosion powder for cotton fabric or dyed mixtures with corrosible colorants. On wool, unknown knittings or mixtures it's recommended making a wash rehearsal after the corrosion or adding 1 to 2% of Poxipor. To verify if the fabric is corrosible place a drop of pure sodium hipoclorite and verify decoloration.

Way of Application:
Textile corrosion INCOLORA + 4 % textile pigment+ 6 % Corrosion powder
Textile corrosion BLANCO + 6 % Corrosion powder
Textile corrosion COLOR + 6 % Corrosion powder
Textile corrosion FLUORESCENTE + 6 % Corrosion powder

In oven, rehearse between 160°/ 170° Celsius for 3 to 4 minutes.
On iron, rehearse between 15 to 40 seconds at 160°/ 170° Celsius.

We recommend printing on 45-60 threads. When you need to increase whiteness, apply poduct with intermediate drying. If you need more whiteness add between 5-10% of Textil White Extra Coverage.

Available colors:
White Yellow Greenish blue
Orange Red Fluorescent yellow
Fuchsia Redish blue Fluorescent pink
Violet Green Fluorescent orange
        Fluorescent green
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