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Type of Ink:
Vinyl ink with high pigment concentration.

Way of Application:
It depends on the complementary product that is mixed with, it is not advisable to use it by itself. It may be used on paper, carton, interlining, wood, cardboard, PVC, and so on. Or simply to increase the coverage power of other vinyl inks, it is also used to increase coverage in tampographic system.

Complementary Products :

Vinyl Varnish of Corte and Bronze
To prepare golden and silver ink.
Proportions: In weight, 75% varnish and 25% of gold powder or silver.

Crystal Vinyl Varnish
Gloss finish.
Proportions: 50% varnish and 50% Super Vinyl Ink.

Matt Vinyl Base
Matt finish.
Proportions: 50% Matt Vinyl base and 50% of Super Vinyl Ink.
Available colors:


Lemon yellow

Chromium yellow



Ultramarine blue

Royal blue


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